How to burn an extra 400 calories doing nothing

That title isn’t clickbait, keep reading and I’ll show exactly how you can burn 400 calories more a day
First some context, every Friday I check in with each of my clients and review their week
What went well? What did you struggle with and how can we improve next week? That kind of thing.
As part of that check-in, I ask them if they have any topics they’d like me to cover in an educational video.
Then the following week I’ll create 2 education videos on the most useful topics.

This week one of the answers was a question – “Does sleep impact fat loss?”

So, this became Tuesday’s education topic.
Before I record any new video, I like to spend some time that day researching.
Reading through studies and making sure I’m up to date with the latest information.
That’s where I came across this really interesting study.
(I’ve linked it at the bottom if you’re into that kind of thing)
If you don’t get the same kick out of research papers as I do, I’ll summarise it for you.
10 overweight adults were placed in a calorie deficit for 14 days.
During those 14 days, they either got to sleep for 8.5 hours or 5.5 hours depending on which group they were in.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

Both groups lost weight, but the group who only got 5.5 hours of sleep lost most of their weight from losing muscle.
That means after 14 days in a calorie deficit, less muscle than when they started but almost the same amount of body fat.
I’m pretty sure that’s the exact opposite reason why you want to lose weight, am I right?

It doesn't stop there!

The 5.5 hours sleep group reported feeling more hunger, less control around food and became less active.
This is where those MAGIC 400 calories come in.
The group that slept for 8.5 hours burned an average of 400 calories more every day!

The group that slept for 8.5 hours burned an average of 400 calories more every day!

To put that into perspective...
Burning 400 calories less every day could completely eradicate your calorie deficit!
That means, even though you're on a diet, you're not going to lose any weight at all!
Luckily for you, the solution is simple.
If you want to burn an extra 400 calories every single day.


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