Is THIS your biggest weakness…

You know you’re going away at the weekend and your diet isn’t going to be perfect. So as you get to Thursday you begin to think “Fuck it, I’m going away anyway so what does it matter”
You let your diet slip.
Then to make it even worse when you get back it continues because you think of all the crap you ate over the weekend.
How about this one:
You’ve got a busy week and you miss your Monday workout, which makes you feel a bit shit.
But, you tell yourself your week is busy and instead of finding the time to fit in other workouts, you skip the whole week because what’s the point right?
This is classic self-sabotage!

It’s something I see ALL THE TIME!

One of the biggest reasons you keep doing it is because you’re self-belief is on the floor.
Whenever you miss a workout, or your diet is a bit shit, that acts as a confirmation that you’re not good enough.
“I messed my diet up again, I’m never going to lose this weight”
“I missed a workout again today, I’m never going to be one of those girls who looks good in the gym”
The reason you think you’re not good enough is that the standard you’re holding yourself up to is fucked up
You’re looking at girls who post gym videos every day.
You’re following people who only post ‘healthy meals’ on their stories.
You’re creating this image in your head of a life that no healthy person lives and thinking that’s what you need to do.
Here are some cold hard truths for you about what you’re seeing on the internet:
The girl who works out every single day and that’s all you see them post >>
That’s their whole life.
Do you want your whole life to be about going to the gym? DO YOU FUCK!
The account you follow that only ever posts how happy they are, how they did their affirmations and feel so good today >>
Can you name even 1 person you know who’s happy all day, every day? I can’t
The fitness influencer who has rock hard abs all year round >>
I can pretty much guarantee they have some form of eating disorder, messed up relationship with food or hate their body
Year-round photoshoot abs and good mental & physical health do not co-exist
(There are of course those genetic freaks who don’t fit those 3 categories above but I’m guessing, like me, you didn’t win the genetic lottery)
The reality…
The vast majority of us are a bit shit most of the time.
You miss workouts, you stay up late, you watch too much TV, you eat more than you should.
All that is ok, the problem is that you beat yourself up about it and then derail your progress for days or weeks at a time.
If you gave less of a fuck about being perfect, cut yourself some slack and got your arse back on track sooner you’d be a hell of a lot further ahead than you are now.
So what I’m saying is:
– Be less of a dick to yourself
– Stop making things worse by self-sabotaging
– Get yourself back on track sooner rather than later